What is the extra mile guarantee?

I guarantee that I will do everything I can to make sure all of my students reach their dreams.

In my experience, any adult or child who has the desire to learn to play can do so. As a teacher, the most important part of my job is to motivate and inspire. Flexibility is the key as no two students are alike. I know what students need to practice and I know how to get students to practice and learn.

As a composer, I can go the extra mile by creating music that is a perfect fit for every student.

(You can see my music at www.palomapiano.com)

I also promise to work as hard as my students do. This means I make myself available to help students outside of the regular lesson time. If a student has a question or works hard and finishes their assignment before the next lesson I do my best to meet online and help keep things moving ahead.

I don’t mind doing this, in fact, I love it! The better my students are the more fun my job is. That’s why I do this at no extra charge.

I also go the extra mile to make sure that piano lessons are enjoyable and productive. Yes, I will hold my student’s “feet to the fire”. You have to practice there’s no way around this but, I will always use kindness and a bit of humor to motivate I never want my students to be nervous or stressed about piano lessons. Life is stressful enough!

If all of this sounds like a winner to you, why not contact me so we can set up a free introductory lesson.

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